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Want VIM?

We don't have VIM, unfortunately. But read on.

Ymacs hit Reddit, and there's been a lot of buzz. Many people seem to suggest, for some reason, that VI(M) is better (probably they meant better than Emacs, not than Ymacs). I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings, but I don't exactly understand why it's better—just because they know it?

I won't say that VIM is better or worse than Emacs, but it's clearly different. It's a powerful editor, and so is Emacs, and tends to be used by real hackers, just like Emacs.

Here's the thing. I'm not a VI(M) user. I start it from time to time when I need to edit 1-2 lines in some config files, but can't do any serious work with VIM because (1) I don't know it and (2) I'm extremely happy with Emacs. BUT (yep there's a but) Ymacs is quite an extensible editor. It should be possible, via a custom keymap to make it feel like VIM (yes, the Emacs-like keymap is just a custom keymap which happens to be the default ;-).

I don't care to work on this on my free time, it's not exactly a “quick hack”, but if you are a programmer and want to do it, please feel free to and send back a patch. :-) Or, if you want to sponsor this work, please contact me (yes, I'm willing to sell my soul).